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Legislative Agenda 2014

ATTENTION:  We will post our updated 2013 Legislative Agenda paper soon.  We have already crafted and introduced our three (3) bills to empower parents and give us a seat at the education policy table.

Our bills are:

1. Changes to the PEP Composition Bill.

2. Abolishing the Chancellor/Superintendent waiver so we never have a Cathie Black running our schools again.

3. Requiring the Board of Regents to meet at least twice annually in NYC so we don’t always have to travel to Albany.

Dear Parents & Legislators:

Enclosed is the New York City Parents Union Legislative Agenda 2012 to reform New York State Education Law, New York City School Governance Law and the Charter Schools Act.

Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education. For too long, parents have been denied an authoritative voice in their children’s education in New York City and in Albany.

The proposed reforms will ensure parents have a seat at the table in determining education policy that affects our children’s education.

These reforms will help ensure every child’s civil right to equal access to a quality education and return democracy back to public education.

Mona Davids

NYCPU Legislative Agenda Full

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