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Protesting Special Ed Reforms

Protesting Special Ed Reforms

Parents, Advocates and City Council Members Demand Answers From NYC Department of Education’s Phase 1 Special Education Reform Pilot

Show us the data that these reforms work!

The New York City Parents Union and special education advocates joined members of the City Council, United Federation of Teachers, Council of Supervisors & Administrators, Local 372-DC37 and Local 1181 in demanding the Department of Education delay the roll out of their special education reforms until they release all information and data on Phase 1.  Parents and advocates have requested information on Phase 1 ranging from basic questions to more complex,  with no answers from the New York City Department of Education (DOE).  No one outside of the DOE has any data or idea of how Phase 1 has worked so far.  The DOE refuses to release a thorough review of Phase 1 to parents, advocates and the media.  To make matters worse, the two DOE officials responsible for the special education reforms are both leaving the DOE.

Both general education and special education parents have not been informed of the roll out of the special education reforms.  General and Special Education teachers have not been properly trained and most teachers like parents are completely unaware of the impact the reforms will have in classrooms.  We demand to see the data from Phase 1.

Below are videos of parents, advocates and elected officials sounding the alarm and urging the DOE to delay the reforms and show us the data.

UPDATE:  Deputy Chancellor Laura Rodriguez admitted at the City Council hearing immediately following our press conference that the DOE has no data!  Yet, they’re still going forward.

Council member, Honorable Robert Jackson, Chair of the Education Committee

Honorable Lisa B. Donlan, President, Community Education Council District 1

Council member, Honorable Danny Dromm

Honorable Noah Gotbaum, Community Education Council District 3

Honorable Jo Anne Simon, Esq.

Council member, Honorable Charles Barron

Honorable Cheryl Glover, on behalf of Honorable Shino Tanikawa, President of Community Education Council District 2

Carmen Alavarez, Vice President of Special Education, United Federation of Teachers

Randy Herman, Vice President of Special Education, Council of Supervisors & Administrators

Council member, Honorable Leroy Comrie

Council member, Honorable Steve Levin

Mona Davids, President, NYC Parents Union