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Our children deserve the best!

The Parents Union will educate parents how to navigate the educational system and empower parents to advocate for their children in their schools for the following reforms:

  1. Smaller Class Sizes
  2. Excellent Community Public Schools for ALL Children
  3. More Teaching – Less Testing
  4. Parent and Teacher Empowerment and Leadership
  5. Equitable Funding for ALL Schools
  6. Moratorium on school closings and charter co-locations
  7. Culturally Relevant Curriculum
  8. Expand Pre Kindergarten and Early Intervention Programs
  9. Qualified and Experienced Educators and Educational Leaders
  10. Enforcement of the law requiring charters to recruit, retain and show their retention efforts of students with special needs and English Language Learners.  The practice of pushing/counseling out such students must end
  11. An end to the granting of waivers for chancellor appointees who do not qualify under the law
  12. An immediate end to mayoral control and the failed education policies of the past 9 years


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