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On $250 Million Punishment

On $250 Million Punishment

“We Are Glad You Heard Us, Mr. Speaker!”

New York City Parents Union Statement on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s Legislation
To Reverse Governor Cuomo’s $250 Million Punishment Of Children For Failures By Adults

“We are pleased that the power of parents has pushed New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to introduce legislation that would protect $250 Million in education funding that Governor Cuomo is threatening to take from New York City’s children.  It is clear that last week’s court decision granting parents’ request for an injunction against Governor Cuomo has changed the political climate regarding the issue of teacher evaluations.  We are glad you heard us, Mr. Speaker!

Accordingly, we are pleased that our injunction has prompted Speaker Silver to take legislative action.  We look forward to working collaboratively with the Speaker while we parents continue our lawsuit to protect the constitutionally guaranteed rights of our children to receive a high quality education. Furthermore, we will continue our fight to ensure parent input in creating a fair and reasonable teacher evaluation system by June.

The facts are clear.  Mayor Bloomberg and the United Federation of Teachers have failed to agree on a teacher evaluation system after almost three years.  We support the effort to create a fair and reasonable teacher evaluation system that is not simply test-driven and that utilizes a sensible approach to determining the policy’s effectiveness.  If the adults need to fight this out, then so be it.  Our children, however, cannot be allowed to suffer through the loss of valuable resources while this fight takes place.  This debacle is one more reason why it is important for independent parents to have a seat at the education policy table:  We will always put our children first, even when politicians fail to do so.”

Click here to view the judge’s injunctive order stopping Cuomo.

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