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We Got The Injunction!

We Got The Injunction!

Statement On Our Preliminary Injunction Stopping Governor Cuomo

From Taking Back $250 Million

We Got The Injunction!  Parent Power!

We are happy to announce State Supreme Court Judge Manuel J. Mendez just granted us a preliminary injunction stopping Governor Cuomo from taking back $250 Million in education funding as punishment for the city and teachers union’s failure to reach a teacher evaluation system by January 17, 2013.

Parents Union members Jacqueline Colson, Chris Owens, Mona Davids and Community Education Council 31 President Sam Pirozzolo joined council member Robert Jackson as plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging the unconstitutionality of the penalty punishing our innocent children for adult failures.

Parents were represented by renowned attorney Michael Rebell.  HUGE Thank you to Michael Rebell for fighting for our children’s right to a high quality education.

“For now it seems that the public school children of New York City have been spared another round of devastating budget cuts that were brought on by the irresponsible behavior of Mayor Bloomberg and Michael Mulgrew”, said Sam Pirozzolo, President of Community Education Council 31 in Staten Island.

“Our children are innocent victims of politics and should not be punished for the failure of the city and teachers union to reach a teacher evaluation system.  We need Governor Cuomo to put our children first, be the students lobbyist and waive the $250 million dollar penalty.  In the meantime, we will continue to fight for our children’s rights in the public school system and a seat at the education policy table”, said Mona Davids, President, New York City Parents Union.

Click here to view the judge’s decision.